DLL Hijacking & DLL Proxying An SNES Emulator

Time: 30 mins Difficulty: Beginner Skills: Custom Exploit Development, DLL Hijacking 30 minute exploit dev post. Let’s get it. I fell down another security research rabbit hole and when I snapped out of it, I found myself…. …playing Chrono Trigger? Wait, what? That program in the picture is an SNES Emulator and, if you’re like […]

Hacking thm

TryHackMe: Ignition Official Walkthrough

“You are not alone.” This is the official walkthrough for Ignition, a box that I created on TryHackMe. It is a medium (I’d say medium-plus) difficulty rated box that involves careful enumeration, careful enumeration, and a little bit of careful enumeration. Plus some individual research and a plot twist or two. What starts as a […]